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Sure playing in a competitive environment can be intimidating, but at our events its laid back. simply ask your peers for help, or swing on by the booth and Chris or Joe can even give you a hand finding out the rules and banned cards.

Verify, That all the cards in your deck are legal withing the format you wish to register. During Mythic Man event judges will enforce regulation deck sizes and format rules.
You will most likely be given a game loss and be told to change the illegal cards from the deck before your next round.

Higher sanctioned events are subject to stricter rules.

Here are sites to help get your deck ready before your next event:

Value Guides:

A great way to enjoy your cards is to play and trade with other friends and fans!

Lucky for us most card companies provide some sort of event or group locater.

Here is a short list of locaters we have found on the web.


Includes trading card game and video game search.(versatile search refine)

Magic: The Gathering

Automated locater by address displays stores and event times.


Automated locater by address displays stores and event times.

Universal Fighting System

Displays Upcoming Major Tournaments.

WieB Shwarz

By Location, also shows current prize support for participation at official stores.