August 1st: Creep Show Gengar Deck Tech

My mistake. Pokemon league is next week; wizards is closed this Sunday for the holiday. Enjoy this early morning deck tech.

Posted by Joe Kaba on Sunday, August 5, 2018

March 25-26 2017: Mythic Man Game Day: UFS PTC edition

Tournament standings:

Saturday 25th:



1st Garett Brett

2nd Ryan Chartier

3rd William Eisnor

4th Tanner Danyleyko

5th Solon Birch Hiro

6th Drew Papenhoven

7th Mark LeBlanc

8th Camilla Khau

9th Anthony Tang

10th Ryan Miller

11th Connor Romanaw

12th Steven Jennings

13th Adrian Watch Maker

14th Kevin Di Marco

15th Deyved Phul

16th Hayse Shouda

17th Zachary Youmg

18th Alexander s. Coty

19th Zacchary Doucet

20th Joe Keba

21st Ethan Humphris



1st Kita M

2nd Karlos

3rd Kennith

4th Rowan


Magic: The Gathering:

Did Not Fire :(
4 players showed up and played commander!

Justin Driver, Niel Hitchcock, Darren, and Joe


Sunday 26th:


Pokemon Expanded:

1st Niel Hitchcock

2nd Dallas Wallace

3rd Bashir Bitar

4th Alfredo Ramos

5th Donavan Dublanko

6th Joshua Labossiere

7th Jakob M

8th Dwight Geoble

9th Ryan Miller

10th Darion G

11th Makia Sowan


Pokemon Standard:

1st Sarah Hoffman

2nd Dallas Wallace

3rd Alfredo Ramos

4th Stuart Sakaluk

5th Niel Hitchcock

6th Makia Sowan

7th Jacob M

8th Chris k


Wiess Shwarz:

1st Brayden Lam

2nd bobby Yee

3rd Wendell

4th Ethan

5th snow

6th Joe Kaba