Play With Others!

Card Value

Condition Guide

-There are no refunds on participating in our tournaments.


-All champion mats are custom, and must have the Joe King Media provided background

and champion water mark.


-If art is provided by the contest winner, the art must be %100 original and not taken from

another artist. unless written consent by the artist is provided or a link to the public domain image. a processing fee will apply ($10 minimum)


-All participants are to treat each other with respect.


-Grabbing other peoples cards is not permitted without the owners consent.


-This is an all ages event foul language is not tolerable.


-No bullying (bashing, beeking or putting people down, etc..) this is a serious point and will not be tolerated


-All games have their own rules and must be followed.


-All venue polices must be followed (parking, studio, restrooms etc...)


-We resume the right to award a game loss, disqualification, or even banish you from the event if the rules are not adhered to

mythic man game day event polices


store Policy:

-Trades and prices are based off the current online market value.


-Card values are expected to fluctuate without notice. mythic man is not responsible for this.


-Trade ins towards sealed inventory are subject to a restock fee up to 70% of the card's value mythic man resumes the right to refuse at our discretion.


-We purchase cards by bulk and by the single, they are subject to a minimum of %50 restock fee.


-All purchases of singles and bulk may be refused


-Purchases are done by appointment only


-Each card is treated as a separate transaction. they may be refused or the value may be cut depending on various reasons


-All cards on sale are officially licensed products, we do not deal with fake and/or counterfeit trading cards.


-For all trades with minors verbal consent by a guardian is required. (some cases may be exempt)


-All sales are final. no refunds


-All flea market polices must be followed (parking food court etc...)